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pete1 , 29 Feb 2016

I discovered something by accident to help my picking

First let me say that I have been a picker for over 34 years. Probably since around age 3-4. Anytime I get a bug bite, I know that I will keep that scab going for months probably. The past few weeks I had an acne outbreak (from taking too much b12) and it has been horrible for me. Also, I was wearing pants that made my stomach itch and, you guessed it, now I have like 6 huge scabs there. They probably have been going almost 2-3 months.

Last night I accidentally got super glue on my fingers. It was super annoying. I tried nail polish to get it off and mostly did. But then I realized, the relief and compulsion of getting the glue off felt exactly like the need to pick. So then I was like... ok what else can I do that is like this. And I've come up with two things. Elmer's glue and wax. It's weird, I know. But if I cover my fingers with elmer's and then let it dry and peel it off - it is satisfying, right? And the wax thing could be like parafin treatment! Maybe that will help me feel satisfied.

I am tired of having marks all over me and nothing has stopped it. And yes, I see someone. Yes, I'm on meds. It's a lifelong thing. I don't know why I do it. I have read about the enzyme but ... I'm going to try to divert my need with something like it that isn't so damaging.

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