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wrightyc18 , 20 Mar 2016

Never knew Dermatillomania existed...any tips and advice please?!

I am literally obsessed with picking...usually my face, but often do my lips and chest as well. It gets worse with a flare up of spots. I find that I have the uncontrollable urge and desire to get rid of all the dirt and impurities that are clogging up my pores - I start with spots with visible heads but then I move on to tiny blackheads and then I seem to find spots that don't even exist. I don't seem to stop until I have picked and squeezed at every possible area on my face (almost as if I can't stop until I have 'finished' my whole face). Although I feel satisfaction at the time, I do know that I will regret it afterwards. It doesn't seem to stop me though and once I've started I kinda think "oh well I've started now I might as well do it all". It doesn't matter how many times I tell myself I will never do it again and that this will be the last time, if I get the urge and look in a mirror it happens all over again. My boyfriend and mum do not get it at all. It is making me feel so rubbish about myself and I often avoid going out or making an effort because I feel so ugly. Would love to know what people do to try and stop these urges!! Any tips and advice would be really appreciated.

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March 31, 2016

Wow, so much of what you said is exactly what I feel. I've been picking mainly my face for 7 years......mostly the same spot, but also different areas. The thing is, I stop long enough for it to heal but of course then I start again. About a month ago I started using Aquaphor to help heal the area I've picked and I think this is the first thing, of a lllllll the products that I've tried, that is actually helping. It's helping HEAL though, I have still picked so I'm still working on how to stop picking, but I've tried many many things to put over the wound after a terrible picking session and you know that feeling you get when you just feel like an ugly monster........well at least Aquaphor helps. It's a healing ointment, it's almost like a mix of neosporin and vaseline. But both neosporin and vaseline have caused breakouts on my skin which for a picker is the absolute worst! So at least give it a try, maybe seeing your skin heal will help to stop picking......I know it's not easy, trust me I'm still working on it. :)

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