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slanter , 30 Mar 2016

I've got compulsive everything, but the newest one is facial hair chewing.

I've been doing most of these for as long as I remember... I'd pick and chew my nails, chew loose skin on my nails and toes... I tried using fingernail clippers on my nails but then I found that I could use the nail clippers to just clip non-painful skin parts off my fingertips and chew on them... and then I found that I could use nail-clippers to clip off large sections of callus' on my toes and heels, on a few occasions I used nail clippers to clip off my entire heel callus on one foot. When I was a kid I, along with other people, assumed I would grow out of fingernail biting but I just learned how to hide it.

The most recent one now is pulling at my facial hair. I've discovered that my beard hairs have an especially satisfying texture to chew up, and I catch myself unintentionally plucking beard hairs off and chewing them while i'm sitting at my desk or just watching tv at home... Now that's also included chest hairs because they have a similar consistency (the hair on my head is too thin and isn't satisfying to chew on, so I guess I should count myself fortunate for that) Once these compulsions start they are super-hard to kick.

Its nice to be able to see people that have similar issues... It's been a heck of a struggle in adulthood.

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