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Nikki179 , 31 Mar 2016

Here's something that helps...!

I'm going to sound like an advertisement for this product but I promise it's just that I actually found something that helps and when I realized it helps I wanted to come right on this forum and share it. I've been using Aquaphor healing ointment on the areas I pick which is mostly on my face and this is basically where my search for a healing product ends. I've been picking for 7 years. It started on one spot on face. I pick with a tweezer to pull hair out. I now sometimes pick other areas on my face and even some areas on the body, those are not as bad because the hair comes out easily, but it can get ugly. The face is the worst. EVERYONE can see there's something no matter how much makeup I use to cover it up. It's depressing and embarrassing. I've been able to stop for a few days, I think the longest was a week and it heals enough that just a little bit of makeup covers the scarring and I feel amazing. That alone should be enough motivation to stop but nope I go right back to it. Sitting in front of the mirror for up to HOURS. My back hurts afterward, my hand hurt, I mean it's ridiculous. I don't want to go out, I've missed on soooo much. I'm late to work often. I have a 3 year old and I swore to myself when he was born that THAT would be my motivation to stop but I guess I don't have control. But now, he's watching and although he's young enough I'm sure he doesn't understand what I'm doing, but he's also getting old enough where I don't want him to make it a habit for himself. And there's times the picking takes my time away from him so I'm getting so desperate to stop for good. I want to be able to take him to the pool and get in the water! Or go to the park and not be afraid that I'm going to sweat makeup off. I also want to feel confident. I don't even have "bad skin" or acne. If I wouldn't pick, I would have clear skin. I found this site years ago and was like WHOA I'm not the only one. Sometimes I'll read a post and be like, wait did I write that lol. I've tried so so many things to stop and so so many things to heal the area I've picked. One post on this forum that I've seen consistently come up is one that said to use calamine lotion, and so many people commented that it helped and it was like a miracle product so I was so excited to try it and it was TERRIBLE! I almost felt like who ever posted that was sabotaging pickers. It stayed white and stuck on the area, it dried it out, I mean it was bad. I've tried aloe vera, honey, etc etc. The closest thing I found that helped was a lanolin cream which is what women put on their breasts after breastfeeding and that actually helped a lot but it's pretty thick so it feels a little weird. But it's literally one ingredient so it's not irritating, and it helps keep the area hydrated (makes sense since that's kind of it's purpose). But I'm so surprised that I hadn't seen any one suggest Aquaphor. It's a bit like neosporin and vaseline, which Ive tried both of those and they were too greasy and caused little bump like break outs on my face.....not good when I'm trying to STOP picking my face! Aquaphor is not greasy, doesn't clog my pores and even helps with the redness (so did the lanolin by the way). In the past I've thrown out my tweezers then dug them right out of the garbage. I've hidden them hoping that if I did go back to look for them, by the time I would pull them out hopefully I could have talked myself out of picking, but that didn't work. So since the Aquaphor is really helping my spots heal, I finally threw out my tweezers 2 day ago and have not bought any (yet....) since. And my next goal is going to be laser hair removal. feel like the only way to stop is to remove the problem, which is the hair because that's what I pick at. At least this is what I have in mind. But as soon as I realized Aquaphor was helping I wanted to come right on to this forum and share it because I know how low I have felt because of my picking and how desperate I was to find something that helps and I really feel like I have. I hope it helps anyone who gives it a try!

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May 01, 2016

thanks for sharing i have added it to the list of things to try. At the moment I am using homemade face oil before bed with tea tree, lavender, roman chamomile in a carrier of jojoba which is least comodogenic and mimics natural sebum balance and this seems to be helping a bit. I do a fragrance free gentle face wash first, then use witch hazel astringent (although I want one without alcohol if there is such a thing) . I've tried aloe vera gel on my skin but don't like the sticky texture and it's too drying.

May 01, 2016

Ps I also have darker skin and the damage I've done results in hyperpigmentation patches, so I also use Le Roche Posay ultra light / tinted sunscreen factor 50 which is kind to skin

May 03, 2016

Thanks for the advice. Wow I've actually used Lanolin for some areas too. It does work. I am currently using Rosehip Serum and Vitamin C serum with a bandaid on my face like a freak. I AM PRAYING this works because I AM OVER DOING THIS TO MYSELF. I also have a toddler that I feel I take time away from because I am constantly scrutinizing my face in the mirror and picking at blemishes. I hardly even get acne!!!! I CREATE EVERYTHING ON MY FACE and that is what makes me PANIC and STRESSED and HELPLESS.

May 18, 2016

In reply to by reesy1314

Hello! I have a toddler as well and i used to get so sad when I would snap out of it. That is that hardest part about my condition right now. Realizing that the time I'm spending in skin-pick mode, should be time spent with 100 percent attention on my bubs :-(
The other day I was putting makeup on and my son said, "Wow you're not mommy anymore, you're a pretty princess now," and it was so cute. At the same time I was a little self conscious about the remark, considering the fact that I was hiding the marks on my face. I started questioning my physical appearance? Did the makeup really cover to that extent that my child had noticed a significant enough change to bring it to attention? Well, instead of getting all up in my own head about this, I boldly asked him, while preparing myself for the most honest answer, "Which one do you better, Mommy or the Pretty Princess?" He replied, "Mommy," and gave me a big hug. This made me realize that he doesn't care about the marks, Im still mommy. No matter what, as long as I am there for him when HE NEEDS ME, and as long as I am continuing to love him with my very all, and trying my very hardest to contain my urges when he is lively and awake, that I am being the best mommy that I can be at this time. Same goes for you.
The fact that you feel that way, says a lot about how well you can use it as motivation rather than a trigger. Easier said than done though, yes I know. If you cant help but feel down about the time it is taking away, switch up your thinking in that moment and use it as motivation. When you notice yourself distracted during time you are spending with your little one, offer to play something that requires using both hands for the activity. This way you can keep your fingers busy, while you spend time with your little one. Coloring is usually what I start to do with my little one, when I catch myself their, but not there with him.
Stay strong!

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