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emily2016 , 07 Apr 2016

Accountability Partner

Good morning, I am looking for mutual accountability partner who would be willing to keep daily logs (see Annette Pasternack's book) and check in once a week via e-mail on our progress. I've been picking for over 20 years and I would like some support from someone who understands and who also wants to decrease the picking.

Thank you,

2 Answers
April 09, 2016

Hi, Emily! My name is Nadia. I would like to be your accountability partner. I've almost read Annette Pasternack's book and started keeping daily log, but managed to keep it only for a week. I've been picking for over 10 years and also need some support.

April 10, 2016

Hi Nadia, That would be great! Could you e-mail me at flowermail29 at gmail dot com? I thought if we could share the logs once a week or even work through Annette's book together, that would be really helpful. Whatever you're up for. I look forward to hearing from you ~

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