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mamma , 30 May 2009

Loneliness vs. Being Alone

here is the daily meditation from the Narcotics Anomymous Just for Today book. I like to read it every morning and I try to apply it to every addiction I am struggling with including... PICKING! It was hard for me at first to believe in a "Higher Power" because I really did not go to church much and was not sure if I believed in a God.Then as I talked with others they told me it can be whatever I want to believe in. I believed in something I just was not sure what. Then I had kind of an awakening and realized I did believe in a Higher Power, my Higher Power. Not the one I use to think I had to believe in like what I heard about in the church I use to go to with nmy grandmother..... May 30 Loneliness vs. Being Alone "Sharing with others keeps us from feeling isolated and alone." Basic Text, p. 81 There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Being lonely is a state of the heart, an emptiness that makes us feel sad and sometimes hopeless. Loneliness is not always alleviated when we enter into relationships or surround ourselves with others. Some of us are lonely even in a room full of people. Many of us came to Narcotics Anonymous out of the desperate loneliness of our addiction. After coming to meetings, we begin to make new friends, and often our feelings of loneliness ease. But many of us must contend with loneliness throughout our recovery. What is the cure for loneliness? The best cure is to begin a relationship with a Higher Power that can help fill the emptiness of our heart. We find that when we have a belief in a Higher Power, we never have to feel lonely. We can be alone more comfortably when we have a conscious contact with a God of our understanding. We often find deep fulfillment in our interactions with others as we progress in our recovery. Yet we also find that, the closer we draw to our Higher Power, the less we need to surround ourselves with others. We begin to find a spirit within us that is our constant companion as we continue to explore and deepen our connection with a Power greater than ourselves. We realize we are spiritually connected with something bigger than we are. Just for today: I will take comfort in my conscious contact with a Higher Power. I am never alone.

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