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justcantstopit , 30 May 2009

First time I have accepted the problem!

I am 51 years old and have been skin picking for over 30 years. i have had many traumas in the past, both physical and emotional. I never even knew there was a name for this condition, but now I have found somewhere to talk about it, without feeling the guilt. I shall try and read some of the many posts on the forum, but judging by the number of them, I no longer feel that this is my problem, and no one elses! I look forward to reading your posts.
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May 31, 2009
I too just recently acknowledged that this is a problem. It's strange for all of us to realize that there are others just like us that struggle with this problem. This forum is great for liberating us and allowing us to talk about it with others that understand the guilt, the anxiety and just how long most of us have been hiding this.
May 31, 2009

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I agree! : ) Today is my with full day withouit picking and i have been reading and writing on here everyday for the past week. It is a great support group : ) I started picking when I was a little girl. I can't remember exactly what age but I remember being six or seven and being obsessed with picking at my scabs I had from just falling down or playing. I remeber sticking sharp things inside a wound I somehow got on my thumb. I beliieve I use to stick the long refilable pencil lead stick in my wound. I thankfullly did not get much acne when I was a teenager but when I did see one start it was a major pick fest. I tried to squeeze out everything I coule and more. When I started to abuse coke in my early 20's the picking became progressivly worst. I would spend hours in the bathroom sqeezing my skin, trying to make something pop out. My arms became my main area of picking. I would miss class at college because I would go in the bathroom before class and not get out. My arms would be covered with scabs and I would still look for a spot to try and "pop". I was able to stop using cocain but the picking continued. It was not as bad as when I was using but I could not go more than a day without picking at least a little. Plus it seem that just one was never enough. Once I picked one spot I had to keep picking until I found a spot that would " pop" and then once I did find a good one that popped I was not enough, I wanted another and another and another! I have been really trying to understand this disease of Dermatillomania latley. I want to be able to wear a bathing suit without a t shirt over it. I am getting married in two weeks and I want to show off my beautiful shoulder with my wedding dress. Today is my 8th day without picking. I have been writing and reading on this forum everyday. I have been sharing about it with other people. I pray to my Higher Power to help me, I ask my HP to take away the obsession and compulsion to pick. So far it is working! : )

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