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Scarface_girl18 , 22 Apr 2016

It's ruining my life and my life hasn't even begun

I'm graduating high school soon and I have a bad case. I constantly have the urge to scratch, pick or squeeze my face. I catch myself absentmindedly doing it in my classes and I've had people ask me if I have fleas because I'm always scratching. . .it's embarrassing and I want it to go away. . . the only thing that helps is watching a certain YouTube channel that focuses mainly on pimple popping and it helps but then if I stop watching the urge comes back twice as strong. It's also difficult to watch the videos because I'm always in school and people look over my shoulder and always give me weird looks. Help! I feel like a total freak.

3 Answers
April 26, 2016

I dealt with this in high school too. I was always having to go to the bathroom to dab away the blood and try to fix my makeup. Talk to your parents about seeing a therapist. I know it's hard talking to them about this stuff, I wish I had when I was younger. If you're not ready to see a therapist, Google CBT and try out the techniques on your own. Also, I might help to have something to fidget with. I'm obsessed with my balloon filled with flour. The feeling is immediately calming to me.

May 03, 2016

I had a bad picking problem when I was in high school. I'm much better now but it's still an issue. I would leave class to go pick in the bathroom because my acne bothered me so much. Then I would come back with a bloody face and feel like everyone is staring at me. I wish I asked my parents for help to get my acne and my picking under control. Start by asking your parents to see a derm. After all, the fewer pimples you have, the less you pick. Seeing a therapist is a great idea. Even if he can't help you with fixing the picking, you will feel better after sharing your stressful situation. The sooner you get help, the faster you'll get your problem under control.

July 31, 2016

I SO identify with this post. I'm now a college Junior, and I've been picking since high school. I often pick at my face and shoulders. Luckily, in high school, I rarely picked at my face, but my shoulders were grotesque. I always, however, ripped my nose apart trying to reach the blackheads. Then, when I got to college, my stress-level spiked, and so did my picking. I was picking my face ALL THE TIME, and I rarely left my dorm without band-aids. It was humiliating! It's been a particularly humbling and traumatic experience because, my Senior year of high school, after being one of the nerdier students, I started wearing makeup, wearing nice clothes, and putting effort into my appearance. That spring, I was voted most-changed, and I was confident, I felt pretty, and I was happy. I'd never been "the pretty one" or "the outgoing one." Then, after a two-year battle with anorexia, I started picking again, hard-core. I've not taken picture in two years, I never lift my head/eyes from the ground, and my parents are so horrified, they've threatened to send me back to Boston early. The "emotional trauma" is evidently too much for them. But, like you, I've tried a few things, including watching pimple-popping videos for hours. It doesn't help, it only intensifies the urges. I'm with ya', if you need anything, hit me up!

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