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June 12, 2016

I worried about this too when I started high school. Throughout elementary school people called me vampire because I was constantly bleeding from my mouth where I pick. It is SO true that people have absolutely no shame about asking about this. People have touched me and poked me and prodded me in the past. It just sucks. It's totally not right for those people to joke about cutting, because even if you did cut it would be super rude to ask. Sounds like you need to just keep some snappy comments ready. I'd put those people in their place, so others will learn from their example and stop bothering you. The part about the teacher just breaks my heart. If anything ever happens like that again you must tell an administrator, because that is not an experience anyone should have to go through. I hope that you will be able to recover from that and let go of that shame. So many people are just like you and me and people just are so ignorant. Going to a new school will be a fresh start. I'm 16 and a sophomore and in high school I've faced a lot of ignorant people, but no one has ever bothered me for my picking. Upperclassmen aren't as scary as you think. The key is acting like you belong and not being scared. Most upperclassmen are really preoccupied with the ACT and college and their own drama, as a freshman no upperclassmen even barely looked at me. I hope that no one bothers you. I guess some tips for dealing with it are not being ashamed and everyone else will see that it's not something to question. And if anyone is rude to you, be rude right back and teach them not to do that again. A good thing to tell people is "if someone can't fix their physical imperfection in less than 15 seconds, don't tell them. " Otherwise they are just being jerks. Before school starts I would look up some good insults.