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Ladyabbey , 20 Jun 2016

Compulsive picker

My body is covered in sores that are stinging from compulsive pickig. What's the best thing to do.take a shower then put cream on?or is it best to put no creams on?

4 Answers
June 20, 2016

Try an epsom salt bath. It has magnesium sulfide in it. The sulfur helps prevent infection and helps with tissue healing. Add 1 cup to bath water and soak. Pat dry, don't rub. Wounds heal faster if kept moist. Neosporin ointment on the sores, just a thin layer. Cetaphil is a good lotion for people with sensitive or allergy prone skin. It has minimal chemicals.

June 21, 2016

see the "wounds are healing thread" People are having success with calamine lotion ( the pink lotion for rashes). It is healing wounds and diminishing scars and pigment changes.

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