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staystrong77 , 23 Jun 2016


Please help I picked my pimple (witch I haven't done in a while) and I'm really scared of it scarring. Its below my lips and its very inflamed and red and really hurts. I put makeup on it to cover it because I was going somewhere the next day and then since there was makeup on it and it wasen't really coming off when I washed my face I like picked it again. What do I do to make it go away fast.. What do you guys do when you pick a pimple!? Do I put neosporen, aquafor on it.. it really hurts and is very red and again I have somewhere to be tomorrow so I need to put makeup on it. Is putting makeup on it bad for it? Someone please tell me the best way to get rid of the inflammation and heel it without it scarring. Thank you sooo much someone please reply back as soon as possible. Hope you all are doing well x

2 Answers
June 23, 2016

I've found soaking green tea bags in cool water and then applying it to your face helps bring down the redness and I believe can help heal as well.

July 17, 2016

Neosporan will help along with keeping it hydrated. Don't use any scented moisturizers/creams on it if possible. Pretty much anything that says specifically "for external use only" isn't the best option for it. Use an antibiotic ointment that is actually MADE for wounds and infection. A gentle cold compress will also help with the redness, burning, and discomfort; (you could use a cucumber slice or a cold damp cloth that isn't too rough etc.) Aloe is another option. Some people use Visine eye drops to help with the redness. That wouldn't be my first suggestion. Don't overdo it with the moisturizer. Don't use any ointment on it more often than you would regularly apply moisturizer to the rest of your face. As far as covering it up. You obviously know that the best thing to do would be to not put any makeup on it, but I would want to cover it up and just suffer the burning too. One thing to be sure of us that you are using your makeup the right way otherwise you're suffering and compromising the healing for nothing. Put your foundation on before your concealer. When you go to put your concealer on, let it sit for a few seconds before blending it. Never rub concealer. Tap the concealer with your finger/brush/sponge. It may help to tap the concealer over the scab just enough so that it's not chunky or a pile of concealer and then just blend the edges out the rest of the way. When you put your face on, never rub or swipe it on. That scrapes all the makeup you just applied and will ruin your concealer. Always pat it on.

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