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Trizzy123 , 23 Jul 2016

New product to hide pitted/indented scars!

I just wanted to share with everyone a newer product I just heard about to hide indented scars (among other things). It's called Dermaflage (
I haven't tried it yet myself because it's a bit pricey, but there are some great independent reviews of it on YouTube if you search for it.

I haven't seen any other product like it. It's kind of like a silicone that you "paint" on to your skin, it dries and creates a layer of fake skin. It probably is similar to what they use for special effects makeup in monster movies...

If anyone has tried it, I'd love to hear what you think of it. I'm hoping to order some soon for myself and will update this post with my review when I do!


A YouTube review of it:

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