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alexdanvers , 30 Jul 2016

How to fade scars.

A few weeks ago, I had this open wound on my face from picking, so then a scab naturally formed, but then I pulled that off too early so then i let it grow this time and it fell off on its own. So now im left with this scar? i dont know if its a scar but its red and bumpy, almost leathery. I feel like this is just a second layer of protective skin that will come off and reaveal new, FLAT skin. Could this be a scar? or is the real, newly healed skin underneath?? I need it to be flat so i can at least cover it with make up. It's also kind of peely so that's why i think its not the new skin and just a layer of skin that needs to fall off. Any suggestions? Could this be dead skin and maybe if i exfoliate it, it will be flat and smooth and not bumpy? Please any answers would be appreciated :)

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