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egawrons , 31 Jul 2016

At wits-end, please help!

I'm now a college Junior, and I've been picking since high school. I often pick at my face and shoulders. Luckily, in high school, I rarely picked at my face, but my shoulders were grotesque. I've never had acne/pimple issues, but I'd find imperfections, and tear at them. It's important to note, I have sever OCD. Like, 33-mg-of-Effexor severe. I've always picked, but it ebbs and flows. Before this recent skin-picking bout, I was obsessed with my weight. A few years ago, at 5'8, I was 110 pounds. When I got to college, the Anorexia subsided, but my stress-level spiked, and so did my picking. I was picking my face ALL THE TIME, and I rarely left my dorm without band-aids. It's been a particularly humbling and traumatic experience because, my Senior year of high school, after being one of the nerdier students, I started wearing makeup, wearing nice clothes, and putting effort into my appearance. That spring, I was voted most-changed, and I was confident, I felt pretty, and I was happy. I'd never been "the pretty one" or "the outgoing one." But then, as if to sabotage myself, I started picking again, hard-core. I've not taken picture in two years, I never lift my head/eyes from the ground, and my parents are so horrified, they're threatening to "send me away" for help. Evidently, the "emotional trauma" is too much for them. I'm at wits-end, someone help!

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July 31, 2016

I can really relate to you. In high school I reached a very low weight and saw a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with ocd. I am still very ocd about food but it is better. But like you my skin picking got worse. Have you tried the online counselling? I am finding it to be very helpful. Do you have someone that you can talk to besides your parents? Take it one day at a time and find things that make YOU happy! If you are interested we could definitely email.

July 31, 2016

I'd totally be down for that! I mean, I talk to my boyfriend, but unlike my parents, he almost enables me. My parents are "buckle down and get better" type people. Meanwhile, Mark, my boyfriend, is very soft-spoken, compassionate, and quiet. Neither approach works so, like you, I might try the online counseling. I'd love to talk more, what's your email?

August 08, 2016

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