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chidge , 01 Aug 2016

Want help but also want to help you guys, up 100% challenge

Hi guys, my names Claire.

Im 18, girl and i suffer with dermatillomania on my chest. I've had enough and want to like have someone who wants to give up equally as much just do it with me, I dont care how many wanna chat to me. I can message you daily, we can help each other and like set our self a challenge and check up on each other. Well that would be the dream anyway. I just want it to be over and I know one big push might help me give up forever with enough will power and to be honest I want to help others while I do it.

Whatsapp me on 07772673537

or Snapchat- chidge

or email-

Put in a lil message so I know why youve added me, hope this works :D

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