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Anonymous12345 , 03 Aug 2016

White scars from picking

Hi all,

I am new here and really need some help. I am really hoping somebody can give me some advice on how to fade the scars that COVER my chest and shoulders. Like many of you, I would kill to be able to confidently wear low-cut shirts, tank tops, and bathing suits not worrying about touching up the concealer that's all over my body :( The scars on my chest bother me the most, so I am trying to focus on helping those first. I am finally committed to getting my acne under control and getting RID of these scars so I can finally start living my life and be free of this feeling. I know that generally speaking, white scars are harder to heal but I am determined to heal them somehow. There has to be a way. I am already getting microneedling treatments done which seem to be helping and she seems to think that with continued treatments the scars will fade, but I am looking for any other tips as well. The scars on my chest are flat and white, scattered around the center of my chest, each about the size of a dime or nickel. I also have white scars on my shoulders but these are a bit raised, like white hypertrophic scar tissue. I want to feel like myself again. I've read about calamine lotion on this forum, does anybody know if that would help fade white scars?

Please help. I'm feeling desperate to get my life back. Any advice you can give is appreciated!

Thank you.

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