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At097217 , 06 Aug 2016

Anyone have thyroid problems?

I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroid (although I'm still getting tested for Hashimoto's, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc). I've noticed since my symptoms have progressed I have become a lot more compulsive with my skin picking. I used to have flawless skin and now I have to wear long sleeve shirts in the summer because I'm so embarrassed about how my arms look with all the tiny little circular scars. I keep telling people it's a rash but my last session was the worst I've ever done to myself. I had to go to rite aide to get hydrogen peroxide, cocoa butter extract, healing moisturizer, and cetaphil wash and lotion. I've already begun scarring myself but figured it would be the last time I picked. But now when I pick, 5 minutes to me is actually 5+ hours in real life. Does anyone have any advise? I've never done this to myself before and I'm scared.

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August 18, 2016

I too have hypothyroid, but never thought it was related to my picking.....

I just posted this in the thread "I pick at my scalp" for obvious reasons, but I wanted to respond to your post so you know you are not alone:

Hi Chaylea, I am struggling with this issue. I am 40 years old and also an addict. I have been clean for nearly 6 years and honestly I think I started this right after I put down the drugs. Huh, I literally just realized this, this very second. My scalp is completely ripped up. I also want that "good" pick and I also eat it right after and then feel ashamed. I am always mortified when I go get my hair colored. My hair dresser is kind enough never to say anything, I did once and she just said she noticed but nothing more, she is very kind. But I am still super ashamed and sometimes will cancel my appointment in an effort to "clear" it up. I always try to stop picking a week or two before my appointment but can never stop picking and I end up reluctantly going in. I have a really bad sore right now, probably my worst. You know I actually think about, like what if I get cancer and all my hair falls out and then the world will know. How sick is that? Like why don't I think like what if I get cancer, that will be so scary to have cancer. No, I think about the sores on my head. I need help. I want to stop. I am glad I am not alone.

September 06, 2016

I have an under-active thyroid which has similar symptoms as depression. However, I don't think it's why I mess with my skin. I've been noticing I'll spend an hour in the bathroom after a stressful day or week. So I have been looking into making some better habits and stress management and see if that helps me.

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