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kxc3345 , 11 Aug 2016

Does anyone do any of these habits?

I have some crazy habits and I don't know why I do them but they are:

1. Since I was 13 I got my right big toe hit a big nail which went through my foot, cut up my toe.
Since then I have formed this crazy habit of getting a pair of cutting knives and cutting up my skin on my big toe until its baby smooth and very red, sometimes super painful.
For some reason it gives me such a huge relief I can't explain why. Sometimes I would even put the skin in my mouth and suck on it (never eating it).
Also while my skin is baby soft, the area which the nail hit on since I was 13, for some reason I love getting ballpoint pens and just pressing down hard on the spot.
For some reason it gives me such a huge relief and after awhile of making the spot very dark with pen marks I like to cut it out again with the knife till you can no longer see the pen mark spot and then
I'd do it again. Then after awhile I leave it alone and the itch to touch the area stops and callous grows. Once it grows sometimes its too painful so I have to cut the skin again and repeat the process all over again.
Sometimes I would leave it alone for awhile or couple months until I cut it again and repeat the same process.
I cannot explain how or why I do that.

2. Since I was a kid I have always sucked my thumb. So much that my two front teeth stick out today. It comforts me and I even have to use my right index finger to play with my eyebrows. I usually roll my eyebrow hair with my fingers and run it up and down until it falls of my face. I've done this since I was a kid and I'm 34 years old today almost 35 and still do it. Its harder coz I'm trying to not let my husband see it. So far he hasn't but couple times he's come close to seeing me do this. Again I can't explain why I like to do this still.

Does anyone do any of these?
Really would like to hear from others, especially if you cut your skin on your big toes and put ballpoints on them...

2 Answers
August 11, 2016

Also if anyone can explain why I do these habits and advice on how to stop them?

September 03, 2016

It sounds like you are a cutter and not a picker by what you've said.
You need to read about it.
Best of luck

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