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leavingthemirror , 17 Aug 2016

How I Beat Dermatillomania

Hi there! I'm not afraid to say my name on here because I want to help people, so if you would like a good YouTube video to watch regarding skin picking, look up the video, "How I Beat Dermatillomania" and if you would like to, subscribe to my channel! I have a new video that I just uploaded today that goes over all the skin care products I use and also the makeup products I use as well. I hope whoever is reading this has a better day today! Keep your head up!

4 Answers
July 07, 2017

Hi, I've had a look for the youtube video but couldn't find it. Could you send me the link?

July 08, 2017

Im new to this. I need help so bad but I can't afford the treatment program offered here sinde I could no longer work due to the picking turning into shaving all bumps&scabs off my head & body. I spend hours stopping the bleeding but feel fully satisfied when its all smoothed out. Then everything scabs over again & I have to pick & shave them all down smooth again. My head is patches of missing hair & lots of scabs. Its taking over my life :( Psychiatrists or doctors prescribe things to me left & right but it's ony getting worse. Pease someone out there pease help me? Please?

July 08, 2017

My head is so sore & tender all the time. This uncontrollable picking & shaving down gets infected sometimes because I re-use shavers when I have to (just my own). I have ten years of college & university, I was a child genius & had a career in government. Now im reduced to a housebound, unable to work, embarassment to my kids, bloodied & scabbed up monster with a head full of bumps, scabs & missing patches of hair. Antidepressants, ive taken every kind, anti-anxieties, too many, lotions, creams, shampoos & natural oils, all used up my savings. Now im on my 2nd month of stronger anti-biotics & 3rd konth of an anti-psychotic (even though Im not a psycho) but still its getting worse. :(
I used to have money, I donated off my big pay cheques directly to charities for humans & animals. Now Im broke, I feel like an animal, & I'm desperate for help. :(

July 29, 2017

Needinghelpbad, I've been picking my scalp for decades. I had bald spots, sore spots, and pain. I picked every waking moment. I tried CBT. Nothing helped. I started picking less after using a minty shampoo and I found my cure. I bought a Rubik's cube and learned how to solve it on line. I keep it with me and pick it up as soon as I get the urge to lift my hands up. I haven't picked for three weeks. This is the longest I've gone without picking. It's worth a try. It only cost me $9. Best wishes.

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