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Mila10 , 19 Aug 2016

Always so close, but there's always that one moment

I hate that I can go 2, 3, sometimes even 4 months with out picking at my face. I feel so good about myself, I feel like I'm finally over it but then almost out of no where I have a complete breakdown. I pick at perfectly fine pieces of skin and I know that I should stop but I have absolutely no control over my hands. When I finally do stop I feel depressed, like I let myself down and I'm so embarrassed I want to hide. I hate this. I was fine 30 minutes ago. Now, now I don't know.

1 Answer
August 20, 2016

Girl you can do it again. I have been picking at my scalp for like 6 years and it is getting bad. I literally just went maybe 3/4 hours without picking and I think that is progress. I am hoping to not pick tomorrow. One day at a time. <3

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