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Living.dead.girl , 02 Sep 2016

Products I've picked to heal the skin I've picked

I know there are a lot of you out there that are with me on this, wanting to clear up your face from the sores and scabs from picking....wanting or needing a quick fix solution... Truth is, there is no overnight miracle to clear up damaged skin...but after reading countless forums , articles and blogs on the subject.... I've found a few things that I decided to give a try, all of which are natural and fairly cheap....and honestly , have helped with the healing and scabs... I'll wash my skin with an all natural soap (oatmeal, witch hazel or tea tree soap I've found works best) then I will wipe my face with a cotton ball dipped in braggs organic apple cider vinager (using it as an astringent) after that dries , I'll do the same thing only I'll use witch hazel instead. After I've used these products in conjunction with each other , I'll slather organic coconut oil on my skin, if I need to use make up , I'll dab the excess away with a clean tissue. It's been a few days and I've noticed that these few things have helped my skin a lot in healing ... I'll do this at night before bed (or even after picking) and before I start my day.... I hope this will help anyone willing to try ! Let me know how this works for you. *hugs and love to all
Of you who are suffering from this*

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