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dinorap1 , 24 Oct 2016

Shoulder, chest, and back picking

I am ashamed of the damage I've done to my own body by obsessively picking at zits all over the areas of my body mentioned in the title. Those areas of my body are covered in welts and scabs. It's very embarrassing and I could never wear a swimsuit, tanktop, v-neck or anything with this body. I'm so embarrassed of it. How can I stop this once and for all? I will roll up my sleeves when I'm in the bathroom or alone somewhere and just start picking my shoulders for long periods of time. Sometimes my hands just wander and pick my shoulders, back, and face when I'm doing other things too.

I've done this since around the time I was in middle school. So it's a deeply embedded habit. (I'm 17 now)

Will I ever recover if I manage to stop doing this? Will my body look normal or will it be covered with scars? I really wish I never had this problem to begin with, I have a pretty nice body otherwise and I just ruined it. :/

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