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Amy19587 , 25 Oct 2016

skin care

Ok so I certainly don’t want to sound like an infomercial or anything like that. I just want to share with you my experience finding skin care products that can help skin pickers. I am in no way free of skin picking but it is getting better. I am a face picker and believe if I can just get my acne under control my picking will be so much less. This though can apply to other nonface pickers.
Now I have tried and spent so much time and money and even research into finding products that will “cure” me. Of course there is no such thing because I am causing the damage. So instead I need to focus on what products fit into my lifestyle.

I consider myself a pretty health conscious person for the most part so I started researching all natural face products. I liked what I read and started looking online to purchase. On a whim I looked on etsy and emailed a few sellers and gave them a bit of my background.

I received an email from Jerra of Bearsbeauty. I thought sure I’d give her products a chance. I mean my face was already bad so it couldn’t hurt. Jerra has been so much more than just a sales person. I can honestly say that if she were in it just for the money she would ignore my countless emails for help. She truly wants to help and is sensitive to all of my skin issues. She doesn’t judge and has experience with dermatillomania. She is very knowledgeable on skin care products and takes the time to develop a routine that can work for you. I think of her as my skin therapist.
I know I still have a lot of damage to repair and I am still having setbacks, but I know that with the right products I can be better. ..or at least have hope…

So I gain no benefit from posting this. Just hoping to help others.

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April 29, 2017

Skin care is very important to keep skin healthy. Natural remedies are always preferred but along with with that one must use the proper skin care product according to the skin type. Collagen production in our body starts decreasing in the body as the age increases. So to keep skin healthy, One must provide collagen to the body through collagen drink. One can get more information about collagen drink at IMAGE SKINCARE(, which can help to get rid of the problems like anti-aging and wrinkles.

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