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Living.dead.girl , 04 Nov 2016

Angular Cheilitis

I've been struggling with this for the past three weeks and being a picker, it's hard to leave it alone! It looks terrible and trying to cover it with make up just makes it stand out more and looks worse.... I've looked online to find the best possible home treatments to heal it up.... But non have been seeming to work.... I've tried anti fungal cream, cortisone 10 cream, triple antibiotic ointment, coconut oil, calamine lotion, witch hazel soap and liquid, apple cider vinegar , tea tree oil, aloe Vera and eucalyptus oil.... Still it's there rearing it's ugly rash and cracks... I hate trying to go out in public or having to go to work ( I work in a bar) with this sore at the corner of my mouth... It looks like a cold sore gone wild.... I wanna cry when I'm trying to conceal it with make up only to see that it makes it look worse.... So I'll wash it off and try covering it again... I'll apply more concealer trying to blend it to hide the red cracks, I'll apply loose powder on it only to have the cracks weep and turn the powder a yellow color.... And when applying foundation or concealer to it... It will either not adhere because of the weeping cracks or it'll stick to the scabbed parts making it pasty white and obvious that it's there either way.... So far I've been rubbing pure straight aloe on it followed by a few drops of pure tea tree oil... It seems to be helping smooth out the area so the cracks are not so deep and obvious ... If anyone else has this problem or has had this issue, please share what worked for you to help clear it up fast ... Ugh why can't my face be clear of scabs , wounds and acne just once?!

1 Answer
November 29, 2016

I found an amazing salve in Seattle its The Fay Farm Healing Hemp Salve. Sounds like something my child had around their nose and this stuff saved the day. You might have the same luck we did☺

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