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thebeautifulugly , 06 Nov 2016

Anyone in OC?

Hey guys,
I used to post occasionally on this forum, but haven't in awhile... just seeing who's on here and if there is anyone living in Orange County... I'm a 26 yr old girl and I've never met anyone else with dermatillomania before in person...which is crazy to me. I think it would be super therapeutic to actually talk face to face with someone else that has this issue.. or even face time or whatever.

2 Answers
November 06, 2016

Sorry I don't live by you. I am 29 and live in Wisconsin. Although I am sure there are many people living with it, but maybe don't know of this place. I have been looking for someone else to talk to as well. Perhaps email if you are interested.

November 06, 2016

Yeah exactly, we probably come across people in our everyday lives that pick, but we'd never know it because its viewed as such a secretive, shameful thing. I'm happy to talk to you and anyone else from this forum :) I was just throwing it out there since OC is a highly populated area

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