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Living.dead.girl , 12 Nov 2016

Never a quick fix, but here's what helped

Neem oil, tea tree oil, brags apple cider vinager, pure aloe from the leaf, virgin organic coconut oil, calamine lotion, and witch hazel... Keep it clean, wipe your face down with acv , follow it up by using witch hazel, apply the neem oil... Let dry... Apply the aloe than tea tree oil...let dry... Rub on the coconut oil and re apply tea tree oil.... Do this as often as you can.... Do the calamine treatment in between ( apply over area and let dry... Do this 3 to 4 times and let sit for a few hours then rinse off with warm water) I cannot stress enough about reapplication of the oils and aloe. If you plan to apply make up , run a little coconut oil and tea tree on it first and let it soak into the skin completely... Dab it dry with a piece of toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towel... Whatever... Keep dabbing for as long as you need to smooth and dry the area up so make up will adhere ... Best to apply make up in natural light so you know how it's going to look out and about .... Set with a light dusting of loose powder using a flat foundation/ concealer brush ... Now you might have to try this procedure multiple times before perfecting it to your satisfaction (trust me) and you may have to do some touch ups through out the day... But as soon as you are able... Wash it off and start the cleansing/treatment process.... When going to sleep, keep the area slathered in the aloe and oils ... When you wake up , wash, rinse, repeat. I hope this helps...

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