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Wonderboy , 15 Nov 2016

Picking skin on fingers

Hi there,

I don't have a problem with picking skin on my face or body, so I am not sure if I fit in the typical excoriation model. My issue is that I have been picking the skin on my fingers since I was about 10-11. I am 30 now and have managed to stop picking at my fingers. However I haven't been able to stop picking at my thumbs. The skin usually grows back but I end up picking after 1 week off whenever I am anxious or nervous. The symptoms amplify if I have been consuming alcohol or smoking weed, not that I abuse the two in any way. I drink very rarely (once per week) and smoke at the most once every 2 weeks or less. I

Excoriation is not something that is absolutely ruining my life, but I would like to stop at some point If I am 50 years of age and still picking, I am afraid I will be very disappointed in myself for not being able to overcome it.

Thank you for listening.

2 Answers
November 17, 2016

I'm always picking and nibbling at the skin on my fingers! Try rubbing neem oil on them, it helps with healing and it tastes god Aweful if your a nail biter. Coconut oil is good at keeping your skin soft and slippery so it makes it hard to pick at

December 12, 2016

Same issues, so I feel you. I am going to try the neem oil and coconut oil..

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