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Youcantseeme622 , 24 Nov 2016

Lip picking

I'm a 30 year old mom who has had a problem with lip picking as long as I can remember. I never really consciously do it. At least it doesn't start that way. Once I do start it feels so good I can't stop. Longest I've ever gone without doing It is maybe 2 days.

Recently I started to wonder for the first time ever if other people notice it. If they notice me doing it or notice that my lips look weird, or if they talk about it when I'm not around. I usually wear lipstick if I've been picking and it covers it right up, and I noticed that replacing the habit of picking with a habit of applying chap stick helps a little too.

After (maybe) 28 years I am just now paying attention to it and was wondering if anyone else has any tips for success filling kicking this stupid habit?


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