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mamma , 06 Jun 2009

I am not going to pick right now.

I want to pick. I have gone 14 days but a few minutes ago I just tried to "pop" a couple spots on my arms. I cannot do this! I am getting married in 6 days so I cannot have marks on my arms. I am stressed, tired, I have my period. I am not going to pick right now. I am typing on this forum instead. I am still thinking about the black head my fiance has on his forehead. I have already made a couple attempts to pick at it. I asked him again today if I could squeeze it. I want to recover from this addiction. "God, take my will and my life, guide me in my recovery, show me how to live, clean." I need help
3 Answers
June 13, 2009
How was your wedding?! Congratulations! I'm sure that even if you had some red marks on your arms, your guests would forgive you and hardly notice. I was so terrified I bought a long-sleeved wedding gown for my late July wedding. (Luckily it was cool and rainy!) Thank you for sharing. I'm new here and it's very good to see how this forum can be useful, especially in the time of greatest need. Best wishes to you!
June 14, 2009

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yes, how was the wedding??? Hopefully you are on some awesome honeymoon somewhere, and not up dating the skin picking forum!! Anyway, I'm eager to hear how the wedding went, and to continue to follow your inspiring progress...

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