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thumbbiter , 29 Nov 2016

Biting/picking at my thumb

I've been peeling and biting my thumb's skin off for the past seven years since i was seven its a horrible habit i know but I have never been able to stop completely. When im bored and not paying attention i just start scratching it with my pointer fingers nail until i get under the skin then i peel a peace off and grind it up and swallow... just typing thst sounds gross , my parents and siblings know that I do it and rarely but sometimes question me about my thumb biting habit which makes me really nervous and uncomfortable. Until two years ago (13) I didnt care how bad and mangled my thumb got but for the past year ive been trying to heal it for a few days yhen caving in and picking ut until bleeding starts. By happy accident i didnt pick one side of my thumb for 4 months and its healed but the creases are not there like my other good thumb i take a pic a day to stay clean

1 Answer
December 12, 2016

Hi There. New to this site and couldn't believe your post when I saw it. I also have the same issue. I tend to do it sometimes out of boredom but mostly out of anxiety or stress. Then I try to "fix" it and it ends up getting way worse. I also notice it is worse for me in the winter with dry skin and all. I also have hang nails which might as just well be an invitation, lol.
I need to find a good intense moisturizer for hands and maybe win the lottery to help with my stress and anxiety..
Glad to see your post... but not so glad you deal with it too, because I know it's annoying and frustrating.

I like your pic idea. You are pretty smart! I am almost 3 times your age and never thought to do that.

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