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LunarLove131 , 30 Nov 2016

Picking My Scalp

So I have been picking my scalp since I was 9/10, I am now 17 almost 18 and it is still going on strong. I have had period were I have stopped for long periods of time (longest was 6 months) but I always end up going back to it. I think now it has been the worst I have ever done it. It started back in March of this year I was sitting in class and I had my hands on my head I felt a scab on it an it just all went downhill. My hair is starting to thin in some areas because of it. Some of the scabs pull my hair with them. I have tried everything to stop; the rubber band,socks on my hands, medical treatments that made it sting if I picked, pills, and negative reinforcement. Currently my boyfriend every time I do it he will move my hand or gently hit my hand (Don't worry I told him to do it to help me to try and stop.)
I'm just really concerned because now I do it without knowing it, and there is not a single spot on my scalp without a scab on it. If there is It will eventually be picked away.
I don't know what to do I am at my wits end I really just need some help from people who has the same issue so I don't feel as alone about it. I am really trying to stop I just need some better coping skills for it

1 Answer
December 08, 2016

Hi LunarLove131 , I am a lot older than you but share your scalp picking issue. I know how devastating this can be for me, and I often thought how even more difficult it has to be for the younger suffers. I too have exhausted just about every known cure, and/or method of stopping myself from this compulsion, but to no avail. I quit smoking after many, many years, but I can't beat this! Weird huh? I actually came here in hopes of finding help myself. I do have one more thing I am anxious to try. I notice I don't pick if I keep both hands very busy (housework, yard work, baking, etc. ) , or when laying down. I do it when ever I am relaxing, reading, watching TV, on the computer, talking to someone in person or on the phone. I decided to try using a stress ball and see if keeping the free hand working will stop me. I haven't gotten it yet because I think getting the right size, feel and shape will be very important. I plan on getting a few. I want one with me at all times, LOL! Well, good luck and hope to hear some happy news soon.

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