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Templesmistress , 14 Dec 2016

Ever noticed a time you stopped?

I've been finger picking for as long as I can remember. At least since the age of 6. I had a tumultuous childhood and I was full of anxiety to the point of having constant nausea. I have noticed a few times in my life when I completely stopped.
I stopped for the entire duration of my pregnancy. Is it hormonal? Was I just taking better care of myself on a subconscious level?
I also stopped after I went to rehab for drug addiction. I got on supplements, meditated, ate healthy, etc and just was in a better place mentally and didn't feel anxious anymore.
I have slowly resumed picking again over the last year. My fingers hurt, it's embarrassing, and I'm putting myself at risk of contracting a disease since I work in a hospital.
My question is- have any of you noticed a time when you stopped?

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