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Decimatorofcysts , 14 Dec 2016

Decimatorofcysts update

So i shared some fairly paintball personal info in my last post here, as a comment somewhere. Can't remember where.

But i finally made it to a doctor. The results i got back so far is that the hard lumps (boils or lesions) are from STAPH bacteria. I recently moved into washington and my new doctor thinks it is probably more likely that it is MRSA (a STAPH super bug) since I've had the boils/lesions for about a decade. But i don't agree, cause MRSA kills the shit out of people fast when untreated. Although i suppose he could also be right, since it started spreading so "wildfire" like.

Now the stretchy plugs so far im uncertain if they are infected pores, follicles, or glands. Or if they might just be a part of the STAPH colony, or if it's the bodies response to try keeping the STAPH infection out of my body cavity/bloodstream, and seclude it in my skin.

At this point I've had it for so long that it is probably already moved into the rest of my body. I'm taking some very powerful antibiotics Bactrim and Cephalexin. I think the next step up in power is clyndomycin.

I did read a very promising research paper about the effects of manuka honey. Where we already know STAPH becomes MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) because the western antibiotics don't kill it entirely or people don't take all of them, that being said i think it's really stupid that they start you on usually the weakest antibiotics first. I digress. Back to the manuka honey.

Manuka honey is shown to disinfect STAPH and MRSA from infected wounds in about 3 days. Something western medicine can't do. Im unsure if eating it would help to kill what may be in my bloodstream and internal organs, but topical applications will work for skin infections. Manuka honey is sold in health food stores but is pretty expensive for a small amount. There are also patches that are medicated with it im unsure if medical insurance would cover them. Anyway i suggest if you have an issuse that is like this you get it checked out. Ask your physician to check for infectious bacteria such as STAPH. I hope none of you have it. It's terrible embarrassing, makes you look like a junkie or steroid freak if your buff looking like i am. It will make you negative and depressed and i would only wish it on anyone who wants to be my enemy and my little sister.

I have stopped removing the scabs, the only time they come off is when they solulate when I'm in the shower, and I'm always in there long enough for them to solulate so i can clean the underlying tissue.

Do yourselves the biggest favor guys and gals and quit picking.

Anyway take care of yourselves. I know I'm trying harder to do so.

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