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sweetpea36 , 08 Jun 2009


Only 6 months ago I found out I had this disorder .. that it is a real, legitimate thing. I've been picking since I was a teenager I realise now. Browsing through the forum and the site I discovered that I have a cross section of things ... I bite my nails and have done since I can remember (def. under 8 yrs old) and I pick my cuticles. I pick a sore on the side of my head (ever so slightly covered by my hair), I pick my scalp (this confirmed for me 6 months ago that I really did have a problem), I pick scabs - although much less now. If I run my finger tips over my face (or scalp) and find an "imperfection" I'll pick at this invisible thing (invisible to others) until it becomes a sore, then scab and then you know the drill. And the post about split ends ... well I cut my hair short and now I can't see them (but I used to get a pair of scissors and "zone out" while I searched my pony tail for these bad hairs! So I can identify the symptoms. BUT here's the confusing part - sometimes it's cos I'm stressed / anxious and sometimes I'm bored / idle. When I read what I've written I must have a problem, yet at the same time I'm not entirely convinced - must be in denial. I know that I minimise (or invalidate) my stuff. None of it is particularly extreme - it's a bit here and a bit there. I totally freaked out last November when I researched it and realised that I do these things. But a few months on I've put it on the back burner as such and just let it go. Is this normal when you first find out. How do you get over this? Can we get fixed and stop? Can I stop these forms of coping and learn how to cope more effectively with stress / conflict / boredom without taking it out on myself? Is it something one ever gets over? Anyone know of any support groups (do they help/work?) in South Africa (Gauteng)? Couldn't find anything on the web. I call a few addiction / anxiety support groups but they didn't know of anything here.

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