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cmarie3 , 02 Jan 2017

Please help!

Hi everyone. I have trouble with picking my skin and being obsessed with looking for flaws on my face. I have improved SO MUCH over the last few years, but I have my moments still. A few days ago, a cystic pimple popped up on my chin. I managed to get all the gunk out, and tried to reduce the swelling and heal it with a bandaid and some calendula ( homeopathic ointment for healing :) works really well). Anyways, a few days passed and it was looking better. It became dry and scabby and began to peel off so I peeled off the dry part and what was left was just some new pink skin. All of a sudden, the next day the spot looks all leathery, angry red, and raw. I don't
understand what happened. I am so distraught over it and I feel so so anxious and depressed. I don't know what to do.

1 Answer
January 03, 2017's a normal process of healing.....are you still putting the calendula on?

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