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stargazer , 04 Jan 2017

I Finally Healed my Skin Picking Compulsion

Hello, everyone,

I made a promise to myself that at the beginning of the New Year, I would share my success with finally healing a skin picking compulsion I had for eight years. I remember when I was struggling with this awful habit, and sometimes would fall asleep in tears that I hardly ever came upon success stories, and I am assuming there are success stories but are not always shared, perhaps out of shame. We all need to hear of healing to be inspired to heal ourselves.

When I first developed the habit of skin picking my left leg, I experienced a teenage death in my family, and many changes some that were good, others were stressful. It was a year or two after the passing of my teenage niece that I started to pick on a cut on my ankle until it became a compulsion that progressed to scratching my entire leg.

It became worse throughout the years. I spend hundreds of dollars on creams, bandages, counseling, books, tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), meditation, online commitments to break the habit.... but nothing worked. The harder I tried to break the habit, the more ingrained the habit became.

It dawned on me one day after a disturbing panic attack that what I needed to do was to calm and heal my nervous system. Once my nervous system became balanced, the habit will drop on its own. Compulsions and addictions are a result of an imbalance in our nervous system and the way we use our minds.

I did a lot of research on natural remedies that would strengthen and soothe my nerves and nourish my brain. I personally prefer time tested remedies by herbalists (check with your doctor if you take medications). The following is what worked for me, and I am sharing to give you ideas. :)

Dr. Christopher's Relax-Eze rebuilds frayed nerves and sheath on the nerves, ensuring our nervous system is resilient. I also take inositol (for panic attacks, and it's clinically proven to help) Gaba, and L- Theanine. I take a liquid multi vitamin and mineral complex.

I also continued to meditate for 10-20 minutes (even if meditation alone in the past didn't cure my SP but used in combination with a healthy program, helps to calm the brain.)

I cut sugar out of my diet, and use Stevia instead.

I walk every single day... if the weather doesn't permit for me to go out, I walk around the house or get on the treadmill.

I used Mudras (Google "mudras for anxiety" for more information) which are hand positions combined with deep breathing to ease anxiety.

And last but not least... I learned from a neuroscientist that when we are focused on our left side of the brain which is the rational side, we are more stressed, so it's important to switch to the right side of the brain when we feel anxiety or the urge to pick coming up. We do this by humming, singing, or using our mind in a creative way ---- this activates the right side of the brain which is our intuitive side and will distract and relax our mind. And, don't forget to take an Omega 369 for healthy brain function.

By making the healing of my nervous system my priority, the urge to skin pick finally left me. It feels like a miracle, and in a way it is! It is a miracle of the body's ability to self-heal if we nurture it.

Whatever techniques you are using will work, if you work on healing your nerves and nurturing your brain your priority. You will be creating a sound basis for the freedom from the SP habit at last.

Wishing everyone a happy New Year where healing is one of your many blessings.

2 Answers
January 04, 2017

How does one edit a post? I separated the paragraphs but upon publishing, it's all together which makes reading harder.

January 19, 2017

Regular exercise and proper diet can do wonders! Exercise can help control weight, improves moods, boosts immunity, reduce risk of heart disease and improve your quality of life. Proper diet and exercise are also useful to reduce skin issues like cellulite and many others. To stay fit one can join a body challenge guide like and take a balanced diet.

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