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serene , 23 Jan 2017

Makeup on wounds/ pain as trigger/ soft scabs

Do you notice that when applying makeup onto a picked wound, the wound becomes irritated and seems larger than prior to the makeup application?

I am also curious to know if painful pimples are often the triggers to your picking. I find myself being extremely tempted to pick when I have a very painful deep pimple on my face. It makes me have this perception of my body begging me to clear the pus buildup deep under the skin. The pain is registered as a scream for help, and eventually I'm tempted to pick at it in order to come to the rescue or to "help" my body out. Curious if anyone else reasons this way.

Also, anyone on here triggered to pick after taking a shower or washing their face? I am fine throughout the day, until I take a shower and look in the mirror right after, or in the middle of the day when I wash my face. What I find to be irresistible are the softened, damp scabs that are so easy to pick off. When my skin is trying to heal, for some reason I register the scabs as a defect in the skin's healing process. The scabs become much more pronounced and visible when my skin is damp. It seems that they swell from all the moisture. And of course, after picking at them I delay the healing process. Its such a vicious cycle. Yet what bothers me is the fact that my mind registers these scabs as unsightly and possibly damaging. I wish my mind could be trained to view scabs as a natural and normal healing process, yet I view them as some sort of unsightly enemy.

2 Answers
March 11, 2017

When i have a deep painful pimple is when i pick the most. I think i can make it heal faster and feel better if i can relieve the pressure and pus out of it. Never really works and makes it worse. I know my skin doesn't need the help. And trying to cover up the damage makes it way worse. There must be some ingredient that irritates it. But it is almost impossible to not at least try to conceal it tho

March 17, 2017

I can really relate to the shower and after washing my face picking. It's the worst :( Like you I can pretty much do ok during the day. I wish I had a solution as I myself am looking. What kind of makeup are you using? I feel like if I really try to add more makeup in the specific area it just makes it worse so I just try to not cake it on.

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