Makeup on wounds/ pain as trigger/ soft scabs

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March 11, 2017

When i have a deep painful pimple is when i pick the most. I think i can make it heal faster and feel better if i can relieve the pressure and pus out of it. Never really works and makes it worse. I know my skin doesn't need the help. And trying to cover up the damage makes it way worse. There must be some ingredient that irritates it. But it is almost impossible to not at least try to conceal it tho

March 17, 2017

I can really relate to the shower and after washing my face picking. It's the worst :( Like you I can pretty much do ok during the day. I wish I had a solution as I myself am looking. What kind of makeup are you using? I feel like if I really try to add more makeup in the specific area it just makes it worse so I just try to not cake it on.