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serene , 23 Jan 2017

Do you pick more often during the winter months?

I am wondering if stress causes a disruption in our perceptions, which then causes us to pick at our skin. When I am stressed, particularly when I am anticipating something, I am often more critical of myself. My perception becomes narrow and cynical to the point where I start picking my looks apart. The skin is an easy target because its constantly changing and experiencing breakouts. When I am feeling happy and preoccupied with thoughts, I overlook my imperfections and am much less interested in them. This year I chose to routinely exercise for 3 months and during that time I noticed that I picked much less than usual. What I also have noticed is that I pick more often during the winter months. Now I don't know if it is lack of vitamin D that causes an increase in skin picking. Wondering if anyone else picks more often during the winter months?

3 Answers
January 24, 2017

I don't think I pick any more or less during winter months... But I do know that I start to pick more when I get stressed out or depressed... My angular cheilitis came back and so it's been making me self conscious again because it's so hard to cover it up with make up... So after I got home from work I went into the bathroom to wash my face and try and Medicare and treat it , well... My good intentions to just stop at that went awry and without even realizing how much time I spent (about 3 hours or so) picking , scrubbing , rinsing ect. I had made my whole face look even worse than before I started.... It really sucks when you know what you are doing is destructive to your appearance though in your mind you think you're making it better ....and you go into this obsessive trance without even thinking or knowing how much time has gone by and has been spent on being self destructive instead of focusing on doing other things that are more beneficial and constructive...

January 27, 2017

I understand how you feel. As a teenager I have struggled to deal with a cafe au lait birthmark which occupies almost half of my face. It has always made me more self conscious and acne made me even more frustrated since I already had to cover up my birthmark all the time. In a way I felt that I was taking out my frustrations on myself by picking at my skin. A form of subconscious self harming. That's why I feel the best way to battle this affliction is to learn to be gentle with oneself and to take good care of your emotional and physical well being.

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