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Nadia1002 , 08 Feb 2017

Finger Picking

Hello fellow pickers :)

My name is Nadia and I've been picking my fingers, especially my thumbs ever since I can remember. I never thought to look it up until today and I was surprised to see this website as I always thought that its just me but I've read a few of these snippets and was amazed to see how many other finger pickers there are...
I pick my fingers so much that there is a hard crust around especially my thumbs, and that seems to trigger even more picking and I can't seem to stop, my boyfriend hold my thumbs at night otherwise I would be up all night picking... How weird right?
Most of the time I pick without even noticing, almost like it's second nature and I absolutely HAVE to or I'll go insane.
It's quite frustrating 'cause I can't even get a manicure... whats the point of having really nice nails on really scarred and ugly fingers...
Its such a relief to post this as I've never been able to share my frustration, most people don't understand and I've never met anyone else with this habit.

Any tips or advise on how I can stop?

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