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hateir , 01 Mar 2017

part of me doesnt want to stop

I have scars everywhere. People always ask "whats that from?" Its a question i dread. I make up stories, like "oh it was a rusted nail i ran in to" when in real life it was just a bump that i picked at for months. Yes months. My legs my arms my face, i can't help it. I do want to stop i do want to have nice skin and be confident in hoe i look, but i love how it feels. I love picking scabs and its horrible. I cant help if. I try and stop myself, but its like a drug addiction, if i don't pick then i get so agitated and end up picking abunch. It's horrible but i love it and i hate myself for it. Idk how to stop and I'm to embarrassed to ask for help. How so i go to a doctor and say "all these sores and scars are because i pick at my skin" it's embarrassing. "just stop" i hate those 2 words because I CANT. I cant stop. Do you think i want these scar? I dont but i do want to pick. Its a horrible feeling. I dont know what to do.

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