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hottsoup123 , 11 Jun 2009

can this develop?

ive been a huge skin picker since i was three...and im scared that its developing into something, lately, when i pick my scalp, i feel light-headed, and i KNOW i should stop, but i cant...and then, yesterday in class, i was stressed, and then the teacher was talking, and i just started picking my wrist, and it started looking like a burn mark or something...and later, i couldnt sleep and i just started picking my wrist, wanting to see blood..and this has never happened before..afterwards, i felt more relaxed then ever, and light headed, and i fell right asleep... but like, i was just picking without thinking, but i was kindof thinking... and i go back and forth describing it, because i really DONT KNOW how to describe it...but now my wrist has two band aids over it, and my mom thinks its from a curling iron burn where the skin fell off...its swollen, and my arm doesnt even feel any pain..

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