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hottsoup123 , 11 Jun 2009

does anyone do this stuff?

i literally pull all the little hairs out of my arms sometimes...does anyone else do that? i also have a weird fascination with popping zits...on my arms, i squeeze the little bumps until a white line of puss comes out of them..
4 Answers
June 11, 2009
I don't pull the hairs but I pick at my upper arms. Never wanted it to go too far down cuz it's hard enough to be a girl and have to wear sleeves at all times.
June 13, 2009
I wonder if you have keratosis pilaris? What you describe sound a lot like my arms. Usually the white stuff accompanies a curled up hair? I find it very addicting and compelling to get that stuff out, just to have it return. Infuriating. I don't want to show my arms whether they have been picked or have bumps-- ugly in my opinion either way! (I'm trying to convince myself that I'm too critical of my own body, especially looking at it just inches away.)
June 13, 2009

In reply to by hottsoup123

Yup. Nice to feel not so alone. My arms are quite scarred. When the hair tries to come through scar tissue it's really unresolvable. I've often felt so weird that I thought I should be part of a research study. Now I realize others suffer, too, I just haven't noticed it. From what I've read, there's no cure for kp; some lotions might help lessen the appearance, but I haven't had much luck. My theory is if Iwouldn't pick, the hair follicle or plug might not be so big; like my picking is causing bigger bumps to occur in response or defense. Your thoughts?

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