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JP , 17 Mar 2017

Wolf Biter No Longer

Ladies and gentlemen! This is the biggest tip I can offer you here... I find that gel nail manicures work for me! You have to get past the judgements in the salon at first, but once you do it, you see the hint of what your nails and fingers could look like (if you don't bite them) , and since these manicures stay for a good TWO WEEKS, you get a constant refreshing reminder not to bite.... Only problem I had is when they start to peel on the sides after a while, I would start to pick at them and in turn move to my fingers and so on, so you have to keep up on the manicures. No, manicures aren't cheap. HOWEVER, compared to doctors bills (insurance and money that I definitely don't have), this was the best bet I had, if I keep up on it my nails and hands actually go back to normal and I don't pick as much and the manicure I find relaxing and healing when I can enjoy it without it being painful and feeling like I'm being judged. It's the initial going there while your hands are all torn up, fighting the initial embarrassment of it that's the hardest part... But you know what's not embarrassing?? Not having to hide my hands any more. No longer feeling the strong compulsion to bite at my fingers constantly. I took control back. It wasn't easy, there was a cost, but it is the method that worked for me. I'm 27 years old, and I've been a wolf biter my whole life. I'm finally taking my control back. My compulsion no longer takes over the way it used to. GO GET A GEL MANICURE!

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