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butterflygirl5 , 18 Mar 2017

obsessed with tweezing

When I was little, I had an accident that required stitches on my chin. A few years later I noticed a few black hairs growing out of my chin. I plucked them, but soon enough it became an obsession. Constantly looking for hairs and digging for them to the point of bleeding and scabbing. Sometimes I get ingrown hairs and that's when I really go to town with the tweezers. It causes very unsightly sores. This last week I did it again, but this time it was the worst ever. I was so ashamed of myself and filled with regret. The hair I was digging for never came out and now I have two huge sores on my chin. I avoided two social events and have basically been hiding in my house until my face heals enough to not feel like a monster. I've been applying neosporin and bio oil to try and make it heal faster. It's been 4 days and is getting a little bit better, but I feel like it's taking forever! Also, sometimes I wash my chin area so many times in a day that it actually makes the skin peel off from too much washing. Does anyone else struggle with this? How do I stop? I feel like I can never be free of this or live confidently as a woman with this problem. I'm so social and love people, but lately I just want to hide away in my house. Ugh. I need some hope.

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