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Let-it-be , 25 Mar 2017

Rough patch

For a good while now I had been feeling like my skin was consistently healthy and I was doing well keeping it that way by keeping picking to a minimum and avoiding touching the center of my face at all costs as that is where it's the most obvious to have any sort of mark big or small! I know I have a solid skin care routine and I know I have methods to really speed healing! So I don't know exactly what happened and why I feel like all the sudden I am getting swept back into the picking cycle. I caved and picked something very close to my nose where my skin on the most sensitive and swells and turns dark red for days! And that's only one of the 3 spots that are pretty legit that I have managed to literally create from nothing this week! Now I'm heading into a busy weekend feeling completely squashed by this whole thing! Not sure how I will cover things with makeup and fare through long days! I hate the feeling of makeup on dry skin and sore scabs that you try so hard not to bump or disturb all day! I am not a heavy makeup person at all so having to wear even a light foundation all over feels like I'm suffocating compared to my normal dusting of a sheer tinted moisturizer. I have had success with honey, aloe, and (I have them in right now) hydrocolloid bandaids are my favorite! I have tried calamine and it was helpful for drying out weeping but other than that I prefer the other things mentioned! Is there some magic trick I haven't tried yet anyone would suggest or even some awesome makeup for someone who hates to look and feel like anything is on their face!? Also does anyone else feel like there T zone specifically cheek area near nose, gets extremely swollen and red when they pick there more than anywhere else? I know I'm doomed every time I do it!!

4 Answers
March 25, 2017

A little impressed at how things are looking this morning despite how bad it seemed last night! I used this combo: honey mask, aloe, then covered with bandaid, the SLEEP! This morning when I took the bandaid of the worse spot by nose it was pink not red and a soft scab had formed I will be careful not to disturb! Right now I have the "sacred truth" mask from lush on that spot and another. It's full of honey and papaya and shea and other healing things!! Hopeful for when I have to put makeup on it will be fine!

March 25, 2017

I have been recovering from some picked areas. I grabbed some burn gel at the store and it has helped with the pain and redness. I like to use warm moist heat on my spots to draw anything out but my skin is so sensitive it makes everything worse. The burn gel has helped tremendously overnight.

March 27, 2017

Thank you for the reminder about burn gel...I have some called first degree and I used it last night and it works well at calming and healing over raw patches! I also used a papaya face mask from ultas brand....papaya along with the other ingredients is suppose to be good for healing and soothing and I have to say it helped a lot after I washed my face and then I just popped my hydrocolloids on and this morning I feel like all the spots are over that hump where it's easier from here!

April 04, 2017

What I do is concentrate mostly on the spots that I picked instead of putting foundation all over the face. So let's say I have a big pimple in the middle of my forehead that I picked. After washing my face and moisturizing, I will dab the extra moisturizer off and put a little face powder on it with a small brush. Think of it as primer. Then put concealer on top. Putting on concealer on top of powder makes it last better and longer. Then I take a big brush and just put powder all over my face. I think this method is good at covering up those bad spots and also does not leave you with the cakey, clumpy end of the day make up look.

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