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AmiBee , 02 May 2017

I'm obsessing over this and i need advise

Most of the damage I've managed to heel to a decent degree, if that's through bio-oil, honey, savlon or whatnot. But my recent damage that didn't seem so bad at first isn't going away.
I got a spot just above my lip and so however much i urged myself not to, i picked it off, and then when it began to heel i picked it off and then again and again and you see the pattern. Usually i have eventually managed to get it to heal to a degree it isn't overly noticeable, but this one has become a raised and red scar (hypertrophic scar) that doesn't seem to want to go and it's really stressing me out.
If anyone has any idea what do do with it, especially if you've had past successful experience, I WOULD APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!
Thanks x

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