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beebee , 03 May 2017

Peel off crust from eczema ovals

Anyone out there have super, super itchy eczema ovals near their ankles/on the lower leg that develop crusts on them? Not scabs, not dried blood, but almost a crust that is created by a fluid that leaks from the ovals when you scratch? Then continuous itching, like crazy, until you can't stand it anymore and have to peel the crust off and just for a moment, while you are peeling it, it finally feels like you are scratching the deep itch? And then it's almost like there are stalactites hanging from the crust that had extended deep into little holes in the oval? I think it's when those stalactites get pulled out/rub against the sides of the holes that it finally feels like it's being scratched? I'm going crazy with the itching! I don't seem to have the little white balls that people talk about.

1 Answer
May 04, 2017

Have you seen your doctor about this and had a swab done? It might very well not be eczema.

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