Trying to heal skin

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May 10, 2017

For me it's like an addiction. I know logically I'm causing my body damage but I still can't control it. I am thinking of trying a 12 step programme for self harm like recoveries anonymous or self mutilators anonymous...

May 11, 2017

I have felt like this so many times. For me hydrocolloid bandaids are my saving grace. They heal so fast over night the speed healing and I even wear them during the day when I am not out and about. They are so great however that recently I realized they may be a crutch to have stored in my bathroom because I know if I mess up I can just pop one on. Instead I have been telling myself that I am not buying more so I need to be careful not to pick and wound my skin. It was working really well and helped me stop many times but after a series of unfortunate events I found myself with a hole in my cheek and needing the bandaids to heal it after all. I'm planning to start again with the no bandaids plan after this heals up because I think I was on to something. The trouble is that when I really need them they are the only thing that does that trick!!!