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Let-it-be , 11 May 2017

Thankful list (trying to flip the script on my anxious thoughts)

I am thankful:
- that there is only one spot I have picked, only one wound
-I had the morning off to sleep, recover, not cover with makeup
-I have over 24 hours of healing time left before I go away for the weekend
-I am sleeping at my moms tomorrow and not a friends so I can cover with bandaids no shame!!
-this too will heal
-I have learned so much and have access to healing products etc
-I have makeup and I am good at it (pat on the back to me :))
-it's not infected by some miracle for the amount of times I have attacked
-I have no scars from all the previous times and if I treat this the same it won't scar either
-God is in control not me. Thank God because I need someone to take the reins!!

3 Answers
May 11, 2017

They're still your thoughts, actions and behaviour. It's you who is in control.

May 12, 2017

Snipzie, I realize it's an odd concept for some but I do believe that ultimately God is in control and although we have free will (hence me choosing to take out my anxiety poorly on my face) I can actively surrender to God and ask Him to take the reinsif. This is helpful when you struggle with something such as skin picking or an addiction that seems beyond your own strength. This is what I believe with my whole self based on all that I have experienced in my life. This is not to say that "I am not in control over myself" I'm just surrendering to a bigger and higher power. It's fine if you don't believe this for yourself it's a personal thing. As a side note starting my at with this list and praying finally got me out of my funk I was in!

May 12, 2017

Take the reins*** lol. I hate how you can't edit after you post

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