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JeannieK , 12 Jun 2009

doing fine till I started reading the news

A nightly limit on computer definitely needs to happen here. Everything is intact except the little patch on my right eyebrow, poor skin. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poor little eyebrow, never bothered a soul, Truly thought tonight I'd fall asleep with my skin all whole, When what should befall me but some gloomy ol' news And quick as a tadpole my fingers began to abuse// I caught them before the scalp and the chin had to suffer, And I'm writing the verse to serve as a buffer, Yet it's aggravating that I don't dare say I'm absolutely committed, 'Cuz subconsciously I may still find myself by my fingers outwitted// I have made progress in not hurling at myself insults and curses, And distracted the demon digits by concocting these verses, Our cause is not likely to ignite celebrity outreach, We're unlikely to inspire stadium rallies or cookouts at the beach// I'm getting off my computer and the hour is early yet, I've so far not wasted hours engrossed in this compulsive outlet, Will I make it past the mirror, wash my face and floss, Or will I once again succumb and call tonight another loss?// (As I finished the fingers went dancing to scratch the back of my neck! Come here you blasted varmints!!!)

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